2 Common Truck Accident Mistakes

Learn the 2 common truck accident mistakes to avoid after a crash in Wyoming. Contact our personal injury attorney for a free consultation.

2 Common Truck Accident MistakesPost on Social Media

A common mistake we see in Wyoming when people are injured in a truck crash of some sort is they post information on Facebook— maybe a video of what occurred. I’ve actually seen that occur where there were multiple videos of an extensive crash involving many trucks, maybe 100 trucks on the highway in the wintertime in Wyoming, and they posted this information on their Facebook page. Not a good idea, because whatever you post on there is going to be used against you. The best thing you can do is not post things on Facebook.

Talk to an Insurance Adjustor

Another common mistake that people make is they talk to the insurance adjuster on the other side. They do a recorded statement to the insurance adjuster. That will always be used against you. If you had a beer four hours before the crash, they’re going to certainly use that against you later on. If you had the radio on, they’re going to use that against you later on.

It doesn’t matter what you’re doing. If they ask you what time it was, they’ll say you weren’t paying attention because you were looking at your watch. They’ll say how did you know what time it was? I looked at my watch. They’re going to say you looked away from the road. It doesn’t matter what you say to an insurance adjuster; it’s going to bad, so don’t do it. Those are the two common mistakes— posting on Facebook and making a statement to an insurance adjuster. Certainly, with the authorities, you have an obligation, and you should cooperate with the state trooper and provide them whatever information you have.

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