Life is way too short to be stuck waiting on insurance companies to pay you fairly

The way insurance companies delay paying claims is terrible.Don’t waste another day. You were meant for more.

Wyoming Personal Injury Lawyer

People get hurt when others don’t do their jobs. If you have been injured because someone else was careless, you can bring a personal injury claim. We want to help you get the most out of your case. Call our experienced Wyoming personal injury lawyer today to schedule a free consultation.

Who’s who in a Personal Injury Claim?

The personal injury claim begins with the accident that caused your injury, which could include something like a truck accident or construction accident. Once an investigation has occurred, you have to deal with determining the parties involved. There will be the plaintiff, the injured party. Then there will be the liable party who is responsible for causing the accident and thereby responsible for causing the injuries to the plaintiff. Then you have your Wyoming personal injury lawyer there to defend your rights to full compensation. Last is the insurance company, who is responsible for giving you the compensation award.

What ensues will be a challenging road where your attorney and a rep from the insurance company will go against each other. The insurance company will try to downplay the incident and absolve their insured from blame. Your Wyoming personal injury lawyer is going to fight for your rights to a full and fair result.

Avoid Ruining Your Claim

The main way people ruin their insurance claim is by admitting to guilt. They may not even have meant to. The insurance company, for example, might call someone after a personal injury looking for a statement. They are trained to make people say they are to blame for an accident. You can’t take these statements back, and they will ruin your claim. You are not legally obligated to give a statement, so don’t do it.

Another common way people ruin their claim is by giving a recorded statement to the insurance company representing the liable party. These insurance reps know how to ask questions in a way that make the answer you give damaging to your claim. Your Wyoming personal injury lawyer knows how to defend your rights against the insurance company, so let them handle communication with insurance reps for you. You don’t legally have to talk to the insurance reps. Giving them a recorded statement might mean that you say something that can permanently ruin your claim.

Why You Need a Wyoming Personal Injury Lawyer

A lawyer is going to be able to figure out things about your case you didn’t even know you should think about. Your lawyer should be someone who handles personal injury cases daily. It is helpful to have someone by your side who knows exactly what they need to do to have a successful case.

Without a Wyoming personal injury lawyer, you’re going to be taking on a very challenging process of defending yourself. It’s something very few people have had to experience before. You likely don’t have experience defending a plaintiff in a personal injury case and therefore won’t know how to do it successfully on your own. It’s best to turn to the professionals for help.

Let Fred Harrison, at the very least, take a look at your case during a free consultation so you can benefit from some professional guidance.

A Few Things You Can Do to Help Your Claim

There are several things that you need to do to help your claim be successful. For example, say you are driving and a truck crashes into the side of your car. You know you’re injured. You need to collect evidence. Take photos of everything. Get contact information from witnesses, as well. Do not leave the scene until you have evidence or else have someone come to collect evidence for you before everything gets cleaned up and disappears. You can call on a friend, family member, or even a lawyer to come collect evidence for you.

You then need to see the doctor for your injuries immediately. Don’t wait to see if the pain goes away. This is an emergency. Don’t go to work right after the accident because you don’t want to use your sick time. Get yourself to a doctor.

Call a lawyer. Set up a free consultation. Tell them about your case so you can get some legal help. You may even find that putting your case in the hands of an experienced Wyoming personal injury lawyer is the best strategy.

Call Wyoming Personal Injury Lawyer Fred Harrison

You don’t have to lie around in pain wondering what you should do. Give us a call right away. Get a free consultation with Fred Harrison, our skilled and determined Wyoming personal injury lawyer. You deserve someone representing your case that is going to take it seriously and work hard to get you the results you deserve in the end. Call today!

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