Benefits for Wrongful Death Cases

After losing someone in a wrongful death, your family deserves justice. Watch this video about the available benefits for wrongful death cases in Wyoming.

Benefits for Wrongful Death CasesQuestion:

What benefits are available in a wrongful death claim?


The damages available in a wrongful death case in Wyoming are damages for the loss of the care, comfort, and society of that person and their economic contributions. So, if you have a small child, for instance, and their father dies, and the father was providing for that child, then the child is entitled to what the father would have provided that child until the child would become an adult or even go through college. Those things can be taken into account. Also, you take into account the loss of the care, comfort, and society of the father that the child experiences. In other words, what did the father provide for care of the child? What about the comfort of the child when the child had a bad event at school for example, or the care of the child and the society of the child when the child was successful at something, and the father enjoyed that with the child and told the child that he was proud of the them? These are all deeply important aspects of someone’s life and therefore important to how a wrongful death claim is valued.

Those are the kinds of losses that we see in these kinds of cases. They’re intangibles that I would say are the most important parts of life. Look at the book of Ecclesiastes in the Bible. The most important things in life are the simple pleasures in life, and the simple pleasures in life are enjoying the company of the child and the child enjoying the company of the father or the mother or whoever the lost person is. That’s what it is because every family is a whole, and as soon as you take somebody out of that family, the whole family suffers. Every case is different, but the damages can be significant, and in most cases, the big damages are the loss of care, comfort, and society for the people that are left behind. Those are the damages you can collect in a wrongful death case in Wyoming. If you have any other questions, call our office in Cheyenne, Wyoming right away.

Please know that every case, just like every life, is going to differ. We will tailor your case to your family’s circumstances. In order to do so, we need to hear from you as soon as possible. You deserve personalize care from our lawyers after you have lost someone in such an avoidable way.

Have you lost a loved one in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence and have questions about the available benefits for wrongful death cases?

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