Biggest Mistakes to Avoid After a Construction Accident

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What common mistakes should I avoid when making a construction accident claim?


Biggest Mistakes to Avoid After a Construction Accident Here in Wyoming we have a situation often in construction cases where people make mistakes early on in the case, and then we have to do something about that. Common mistakes that clients make in construction cases are, first of all, giving statements. There is usually some kind of OSHA report or some kind of investigation that takes place in serious injuries. The clients will give information while they’re in the hospital or not feeling well. Those kinds of things can be a problem. They’re not unsolvable. People understand that those are problems for people that have just been injured. The other side of things are not getting any statement and not cooperating at the beginning. That can be a problem in a construction case, unlike a car crash case, which you shouldn’t give a statement to the insurance company.

You should try and be complete. You should try and be honest. We can work with that. There won’t be any mistakes as long as you’re honest, and you don’t try and fake injuries. Of course, we don’t want cases that involve fake injuries. We want cases that people are honest, direct, and forward. With those kinds of cases, we can make it work, and we can help you. Please feel free to call my office if you have more questions.

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