Choosing a Construction Accident Attorney in Wyoming

After a job site injury, you need to make sure your rights are protected. Here are some important tips for choosing a construction accident attorney in Wyoming.


How do I choose the right attorney for my Wyoming construction accident claim?


Choosing a Construction Accident Attorney There’s a lot of ways to select an attorney, but you have to ask yourself whether or not that attorney has handled construction cases before. I have with success, and I’ve handled them in federal courts here in Wyoming, the most rigorous testimony from an attorney in handling the construction case. We’ve done that multiple times. We’ve had cases from the University of Wyoming. We didn’t sue the University of Wyoming, but the contractor in that case had a very successful outcome and settlement in that case because we were prepared to go to trial. Then we had cases where people have fallen off of roofs and things of that nature. We’ve handled those cases with success.

We handle those kinds of cases, but you have to also be able to understand the intricacies of construction and how these things happen. There is no such thing as a construction case that is not a system failure, a safety system failure. You have to do what’s called a root cause analysis of the case to determine the root cause. Every construction case is a system failure. The system failure starts at the top of the organization, usually. You have to know that and go after that, and so you need somebody that understands construction and understands that construction’s all about systems. If you have that kind of an attorney, you have a good chance of success. If you have any other questions like this, please feel free to call my office in Cheyenne.

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