Common Mistakes in a Construction Accident Case

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What common mistakes do people make in their construction accident cases?


Common Mistakes in a Construction Accident Case In Wyoming, common mistakes that people make are, first of all, not making a workers’ compensation claim in a timely fashion. You need to make those claims as soon as possible or have someone make the claim on your behalf, and that has to be brought to the attention of Wyoming Workers’ Compensation. If that’s not done, of course, you’re going to have problems with workers’ compensation, but it will be also used as a way of saying that you weren’t actually hurt on the job because you didn’t make a claim.

The other thing is that employers often encourage employees not to make workers’ compensation claims, which is also problematic because the claim will be that if you were injured, why didn’t you make a claim? Oftentimes, the employer wants you to go back to work right away, before you’re really able to go back to work, and that’s a problem also because that will look like you’re not injured, if you go back to work too early, when, in fact, you are injured.

Keep those things in mind. Of course, we are prepared. One of the common mistakes people make is also not having an attorney early enough in a construction case, so you should contact somebody experienced in construction matters early on so that you have protections that are provided by the law. Please feel free to call our office if you have questions in the future.

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