Common Mistakes in a Truck Accident Case

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What common mistakes do people make in their truck accident cases?


Common Mistakes in a Truck Accident Case People wonder what the common mistakes are that people make right after a truck crash. The most important mistake that people often make in Wyoming is that they don’t go to the doctor. They don’t seek medical care. They tell the highway patrolman, “I wasn’t injured,” or “I don’t feel any injury,” and yet days later they have back spasms or ongoing problems. We have a case right now where an individual had a crushed vertebra, didn’t realize they had a crushed vertebra, and then days later they had tremendous back spasms. It turned out they actually had a broken back and didn’t realize it. That happens, and it happens more often than not that people don’t realize how seriously they are injured in a truck crash. Seek medical care, just to be checked out if nothing else and just to have the kind of medical care that provides relaxants for your back injury, if you have a back injury, that kind of thing, so that you can document the history of the injury going forward. That’s the most important.

Another common mistake is that people talk to the insurance company for the other side. That company will always take down information in a fashion not favorable to you. Please keep that in mind, also. Those are common mistakes the people make. If you have questions, call our office. We’ll try and help you not make those kinds of mistakes.

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