Cost of a Wrongful Death Lawsuit

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How much does a wrongful death claim cost?


Cost of a Wrongful Death Lawsuit We are often asked what it costs to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit in Wyoming, or any personal injury case for that matter in Wyoming. The answer to that is that the attorney takes all the risk— in our office, at least, that’s exactly what we do. We take all the risk, we pay the expenses of the case, and if we don’t have any recovery, we don’t get paid anything. We take all the risk and become partners with the injured individual in the case, whether it’s a wrongful death case or a personal injury case of any kind. We become partners in the case. We handle the case on a contingency fee basis, and we’re only paid if we’re successful in the case. We become partners with the individual because that individual usually doesn’t have the money to afford a really expensive attorney, unlike the insurance companies who go out and hire really expensive attorneys and pay them by the hour. Most people can’t afford that and would be reluctant to take that kind of risk in a case.

The answer to the question is contingency fee cases allow you to pursue a case, even without any money, if it’s a case that should be brought because you have had an injury. We are able to handle those kinds of cases and do it on a contingency fee basis. If you have questions about this or other matters regarding personal injury cases, please let us know.

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