Differences Between Negligent Security and Personal Injury Claims

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How are negligent security claims different than other personal injury claims?


Negligent Security and Personal Injury Claims Wyoming negligent security cases are different from other cases because they involve not so much a design defect on the property, such as ice on steps. Instead, what it involves is the obligation of the owner of the property to know what kind of neighborhood he’s in— whether it’s a neighborhood that has a high crime rate, for example, which we can all access via crime maps now throughout the state of Wyoming. In fact, insurance companies are aware of where these high crime rates are, as well. Police departments are aware of that. The owner of the premises ought to be aware of that because it’s public information. The owner also has obligation to maintain proper surveillance of their property. For example, the owner of a grocery store should maintain surveillance in a parking lot to know what’s going on in that part of the lot and what might be dangerous in that area so that they can evaluate it on a regular basis. Let’s say they have two cars running into each other. Why did that happen? Is it something about the design of the parking lot that’s causing it to happen on a repeated basis at the same location? They can fix the stop sign, warning sign, or redesign the drive-thru way that people use. If there’s something they can do about it, then that’s a negligence surveillance kind of case. It is the obligation of the owner to be aware of the premises so they can take protective steps to protect the public using that property because they have a business drawing people onto the property. That’s what negligent security cases are.

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