Liability For a Personal Injury

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Who is responsible for paying my medical bills after a personal injury accident?


Liability For a Personal Injury We’re often asked, “Who pays the medical bills while I’m convalescing and waiting for the lawsuit to be completed?” The answer to that is you and your health insurance company, if you have a health insurance company. Oftentimes, there are medical pay provisions in auto insurance policies, as well, that cover the medical bills, but the medical bills can be a problem pending the completion of the lawsuit. We often are able to negotiate with the medical providers to take a lien on the lawsuit so that they wait until after the lawsuit is completed in order to be paid. Most medical providers will agree to that and will sign the lien, which means we have to pay them out of any proceeds of the lawsuit at the end.

There are also companies that will pay medical bills in the interim and even provide treatment as a condition of the lawsuit that we have worked with in the past. There’s a multitude of ways to take care of the medical bills, but, ultimately, until the lawsuit is completed, the injured party is responsible for those medical bills, unless they have insurance or we are able to take a lien on the lawsuit.

That’s a complicated question. Every case is different, and we have to look at every case. If you have questions in regard to these kinds of injuries, please let our office know.

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