Partial Fault Wrongful Death Claim

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What if the decedent was partially at fault in causing their own wrongful death?


Partial Fault Wrongful Death Claim There’s a situation in Wyoming where a person that dies because of the wrongful conduct of somebody else can also be partially at fault for their own death. That can happen. We have to evaluate every case, and usually there is some fault on the part of the injured party. The law in Wyoming recognizes that they can have some fault in their loss and still recover. The answer to the question is you can still recover. Another question is how much. If it’s significant enough, we may not want to handle the case or we may recommend you not go forward with the case, but every case is different. If the decedent is 10 or 15% at fault for their own death, they can have a pretty good claim for the other 90 or 85% of a claim. It’s average, so every case is different. We have to look at every case, and that’s why you have an attorney like me on your case. Give us a call in Cheyenne, Wyoming if you have more questions.

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