Premises Liability Case Value

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How do you determine the value of my premises liability case?


You determine the value of a premises case in Wyoming the way you determine the value of any case. You have to take into account many factors. You have to take into account how the injury occurred. You have to take into account the extend of the injury. You have to take into account the medical bills. You have to take into account the kind of injury that it is and the ramifications to a person’s life for their entire life. All of those things have to be taken into account. Premises Liability Case Value

The other thing is, what are family members and friends likely to say about how the injury has affected the individual’s life? That’s very important to know in a premises case or any kind of personal injury case, how other people view what has happened to the individual. People that knew the individual who was injured before and after the injury are able to make comparisons that can be very helpful and oftentimes much better than the experts that are hired in the case. The people that are around that individual help a lot in determining the value of the case.

We look at all of that in determining the value of a case and like to help our clients as much as possible in that regard. If you have questions in regard to the value of a case, give us a call. We’re happy to discuss with you.

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