Premises Liability Claim Value

If you have been injured on someone else’s property, you may be eligible for compensation. Watch this video to learn about premises liability claim value.


How do I determine the value of my premises liability claim?


Premises Liability Claim Value Determining the value of every case, including premises cases in Wyoming, is always different. Every case is different. It depends on the injuries. It depends first and foremost on what the other party did to cause the injury. If you’re talking about failure to monitor a Marriott parking garage and someone gets raped, that’s a premises case, and that can be big damages. If they didn’t have a security camera there and you and other people have been attacked or had problems in that parking garage, that drives the damages up significantly. The emotional lifetime injury is certainly great, and something the jury will take into account.

I’ve also handled cases with hip fractures where somebody fell in a grocery store, was seriously injured, and had a heart attack as a result of the hip injury. That drives the damages. Also, the fact that they knew there was a problem. There was a trip hazard in the store that they didn’t correct, and they knew about it for a significant amount of time. The notice to the premises owner is important to figuring damages, so all of those factors need to be taken into account. Every case is different. I have to look at your case and tell you what I think it’s worth. We can’t usually tell you right away. We have to consider all the evidence— the medical records, the premises records, etc. All of that goes into the equation when considering what your case is worth.

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