Premises Liability Recorded Statement

Giving a premises liability recorded statement to an insurance company could hurt your ability to recover compensation. An attorney can protect your rights.


Should I give a recorded statement about my premises liability injury?


If you’re injured in a slip and fall, trip and fall kind of case, my advice is never give a statement to the insurance company on the other side of this. If you experienced a fall in a grocery store, Premises Liability Recorded Statement for instance, somebody would call you up that adjusts the claims for the grocery store. Sometimes there’ll be an adjustment company that comes in before the insurance company. They’re often self-insured, these grocery stores. They call you up and want a statement. It will always be used against you. If you tell them what time it is at the time you fell down, they’ll say, well, you were looking at your watch, and that’s why you didn’t see where you were going. That’s why you tripped. That’s why you fell.

It’ll never be used to your benefit, so keep that mind. Never make that statement to the insurance company at all. You can maybe talk to your own insurance company if they call you, but they won’t call. The insurance company on the other side, they will call, and those are the people you have to be careful of. They’re not honest, and they know all the tricks. They’ll ask all the wrong questions, and the answers will all be used against you. Keep that in mind. If you have other questions like this, call my office in Cheyenne.

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