Property Owner Liability

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Is the property owner liable for my injuries in a negligent security claim?


Well, a property owner has an obligation to provide security on the premises, if they know of a danger. The way they do that is by installing cameras and having security guards in the area. Property Owner Liability The reason for that is so they can observe the premises, see dangerous situations, and provide proper security protection to the public that are using the premises. Now, if they see a dangerous person that’s coming onto the property, say a rapist in a parking garage, and they know that that person has escaped and they haven’t provided a security guard under those circumstances, then they could be responsible for what happens. You need to take that into account. The same thing applies in a grocery store, if they see that there are juveniles coming onto the property in a drunken condition on a regular basis. They should take steps to protect the public under those circumstances by calling the police, having security guards themselves, and by taking proper steps and precautions to prevent those juveniles from doing anything on their property. If you have other questions about those kinds of cases, let us know.

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