Proving a Negligent Security Claim

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What do I have to prove in a negligent security claim against a property owner?


Of course, in negligent security cases, the question in Wyoming is always, How do you prove a negligent security case? Well, the way you prove a negligent security case is you have to prove what the owner knew in advance, Proving a Negligent Security Claim and that what the owner knows in advance is part of a systematic failure. In other words, did they know or have reason to know that there was a dangerous situation on their property with third parties coming onto the property from outside the property and causing danger, whether it’s a rapist, mugger or robber? Has it happened before? Is it a situation in which the neighborhood is rated by realtors and police department as having a certain amount of crime? What are those crimes? Is the supermarket supposed to know that those kinds of dangers are on the premises? Do they take steps, putting up surveillance cameras that are monitored on a real-time basis so that they can tell when somebody’s in trouble on the property and they can get them help right away? Do they have proper security guards on the premises, if necessary, because of the neighborhood? Do they have people that are watching and walking through the premises, including the parking lot, to make sure people are safe? Have they had notice of a situation where people weren’t safe, and what did they do to remedy that situation so that it didn’t happen again? Those are the kinds of evidence that are needed in these kinds of cases and, of course, that’s the kind of evidence that you put together from the business itself— public records of the police department and the sheriff’s department, whatever it may be, to provide us with the background information to put together a negligent security case. Keep us in mind for that kind of case if it comes up. Our office is in Cheyenne, Wyoming, but we do cases throughout Wyoming.

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