Reasons to Pursue a Construction Accident Claim

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Why should I pursue a lawsuit if I was hurt in a construction accident?


We’re often asked why you should pursue a lawsuit in Wyoming when you have workers’ compensation. The answer to that question is workers’ compensation covers a very small part of your injuries. Workers’ compensation basically covers your medical bills and some time off work, not the full compensation that you would receive if you were continuing to work or able to work. You’re not fully compensated by workers’ compensation, so you need something else to be fully compensated. Reasons to Pursue a Construction Accident Claim

Workers’ compensation doesn’t take into account the emotional distress, the impact on your family, or the impact on your life for the rest of your life, so that’s why you should pursue a claim above and beyond workers’ compensation if there is some third party involved. Plus, it holds that third party responsible, and that’s good for the community. Every one of these cases ultimately has to be good for the community because it makes the community a safer place to be for all of us.

Every construction case is some kind of a system failure. If we can fix the system so that other people don’t get injured, that’s very important. If you have questions about this or other matters in regard to construction cases, let us know.

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