Recovering For Emotional Damages

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Can I recover for emotional damages in my personal injury case?


Recovering For Emotional Damages Emotional damages in Wyoming are the most important part of any lawsuit, in my opinion. They’re the part of the lawsuit that really is the best for compensation because people will understand emotional injuries; they understand that they’re greater. For instance, you can have $10,000 worth of medical bills and a horrendous injury. If you cut somebody’s arm off, it’s pretty cheap, but the emotional impact on that person is lifelong and something that they’ll never get over. The medical bills are not so important, but the emotional damages are the most important damages in Wyoming. Those are the damages that we have to work hardest at recovering and painting the image of the real impact on the individual and the impact on the community from the injuries to the individual. We don’t live alone in a community, and that emotional distress carries over to the entire community.

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