Recovering from Emotional Damages

If you have been seriously injured in an accident, you may have questions about recovering from emotional damages. We can help. Schedule a free consultation today in our Cheyenne office.  We help all residents of Wyoming.


Can I recover for emotional damages after a personal injury claim?


People ask me if it’s possible in Wyoming, when I go out and give talks and things like that, to recover for personal injury, for emotional distress, pain and suffering, those kinds of damages. I would say this— those are the main damages in almost every case I do. The medical bills are part of it, but they’re not the whole deal. The real emotional damage to the client, the real pain and suffering and the pain and suffering inflicted on the client’s family, those are the important damages, and they are possible to collect. I would argue, in most cases that I take, those are the substantial damages that we have to recover so that it is a complete recover and the client’s made whole. If you have other questions, feel free to call my office here in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Were you seriously injured due to someone else’s negligence and have questions about recovering from emotional damages?
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