Subcontractor Construction Accident Injury

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What are my rights against the owner or general contractor if I was injured on a construction site as a subcontractor?


Subcontractor Construction Accident Injury Sometimes, people are working for a sub-contractor and they’re injured by the negligence of the general contractor or the owner, or both, on the site. Of course, your right, then, is to sue that general contractor or the owner for their negligence and hold them accountable. What that means is that they are responsible to act with ordinary care in regard to your safety and the safety of everyone. You can sue the general contractor, and you can sue the owner of the premises, if they have fault and have caused your injuries in some way.

We have to look at every case, and we’re happy to do that. Give us a call if you have questions in regard to working for a sub-contractor and suing the owner or the general contractor.

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