Subcontractor Injury Rights in Wyoming

Were you injured on the job as a subcontractor and have questions about subcontractor injury rights in Wyoming? Contact our experienced injury lawyer today.


What are my legal rights if I am injured as a subcontractor in a construction accident?


Subcontractor Injury Rights We’ll get cases all the time that involve a person working for a subcontractor, who is then injured by something the general contractor did, the owner did, or both did on a construction site. Yes, you can recover from the responsible parties, the people that caused the injury. Now, some situations may involve something called comparative fault in Wyoming. Comparative fault involves comparing the fault of the subcontractor with the general contractor, and that can have an impact on the case. That’s something that we can work out and consider. Now, if it’s enough of an impact, we might not take the case, but it’s something that we have to look at carefully and determine what your rights are under the circumstances of your particular case. Don’t give up without an interview with an attorney that knows what he’s doing in this area and may be going to trial.

Have you been seriously injured on a construction site as a subcontractor and have questions about subcontractor injury rights?

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