Suing a Manufacturer For an Equipment Malfunction

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Can I sue the manufacturer of the construction equipment if a malfunction caused my injuries?


Suing a Manufacturer For an Equipment Malfunction In Wyoming, you can sue the manufacturer of equipment. There’s a famous case in Wyoming in which the manufacturer of a Caterpillar tractor was sued for not having a cage in place many years after they knew that cages needed to be in place to protect workers in the event that a bulldozer rolled over. Of course, every products liability case in a construction site has all of the factors of a regular products liability case. First of all, the design of the product has to be one that eliminates danger, if at all possible; if you can’t eliminate the danger, you have to guard against the danger; and if you can’t eliminate or guard against the danger, you have to warn about the danger. Those are the three factors in a products liability case that also can apply in a construction case.

We’re happy to help you look at a construction case. We understand construction cases. We also understand products liability and that sometimes the two cases go together and also could be factors in a premises liability case. All of those factors make it interesting and challenging, but something that you have to have is an attorney that understands all the issues at stake and how they all work together.

If you have questions in regard to construction cases or any kind of personal injury, we’re available to talk to you.

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