Suing The Trucking Company For a Drunk Driving Accident in Wyoming

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Can I sue the trucking company if the driver who injured me was driving drunk?


We’re often asked if a truck driver is drunk, can you sue the company? The answer is, yes, and for anything that is wrong with the driver. For instance, sleep apnea is a common problem. Having a heart condition is a common problem among truck drivers, too, and it can contribute to an injury. You can sue the trucking company because the trucking company is responsible for having systems in place that protect the public. If they know that, for instance, a driver has a history of drinking and driving on or off the job, that’s something they need to take into account and protect the public from. That’s part of the qualifications of the driver. Secondly, they have to be in a position to supervise that driver. That’s the triad: the qualifications of the driver, the training of the driver, and the supervision of the driver. These are part of every trucking case, and you have to take that into account. Supervision is important, and if they know that the driver has a history of drinking and driving, they need to take that into account and keep them off the road. They shouldn’t hire them in the first place. Suing The Trucking Company For a Drunk Driving Accident in Wyoming

The trucking companies also need to supervise their drivers in real time, even if a driver doesn’t have a spotty history. We’ve had cases where individuals were shown to be erratic in their driving on the Qualcomm system that monitors the truck and the dispatcher actually is aware that the driver is driving erratically. In that particular case, the driver was having a heart attack, and they got the driver off the road. That’s important. Trucking companies are responsible for that, and, yes, the trucking company should be sued in that kind of case and will be sued, if something were to happen. Keep that in mind.

Drunk driving is not just a responsibility of the driver, it’s the responsibility of the trucking company. Keep that in mind, and we’re here to help you in that kind of case.

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