The Role of Expert Witnesses

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What is the role of expert witnesses in my personal injury case?


We’re often asked what the role of an expert witness is in a case in Wyoming. Of course, the rule varies because there are all kinds of expert witnesses. There are the treating doctors, of course, that we like to use in cases as experts. There are also crash reconstruction experts that we also have to have – completely different animals in the way that they operate in the courtroom. Experts are important to lay a foundation in a case. The Role of Expert Witnesses

Even more important than experts are lay witnesses that can also testify to your injuries. Jurors know that experts tend to be hired by one side or the other side, so they’re distrusting of experts. That’s why we like to use treating doctors because they have more credibility with a jury. The most important witnesses are your friends and relatives that know about you and know about how you were before and after the injury. Those are the best experts in the courtroom.

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