Trespassing and Premises Liability

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What if the property owner says I was trespassing?


Sometimes it comes up that you’re accused of trespassing on the property where you were injured. That can be a problem if the property is posted as private property, and you’re actually trespassing. You knew you were trespassing. Trespassing and Premises Liability Often, you don’t know you’re on somebody else’s property at that point in time, or you’re invited in. If you are campaigning for a candidate, for example, that caused you to be on the property. It’s not posted you can’t go up to the door and knock. Under those circumstances, you’re not a trespasser, so just because somebody says you’re a trespasser doesn’t mean you are a trespasser.

In fact, you can be invited onto other people’s premises for their own business purpose. For instance, if they’re running a business such as a movie theater and you can go into the movie theater thinking you’re safeand somehow there’s a trip hazard, under those circumstances, you’re certainly not a trespasser, and the property owner’s responsible for the property and is under the obligation to provide you with a safe environment. If the property’s not posted in Wyoming, it’s not likely that you’d be trespassing anyway. Keep those things in mind. We can help you with those things and look at your case. Give us a call at my office in Cheyenne, Wyoming if you need help with a case like that.

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