Truck Accident Claim Value

If you have been injured in a commercial vehicle wreck, you may be eligible for compensation. Watch this video to learn about truck accident claim value.


How do I determine the value of my truck accident claim?


Truck Accident Claim Value I’m often asked how you determine the value of a trucking case in Wyoming. Let me tell you, every case is different. Certainly, the number of people involved in the crash has something to do with it. In other words, if you have a family involved in the crash or if you have a single person involved in the crash, all that needs to be taken into account. You have to know how egregious the conduct of the driver was at the time. We had a case we tried and recorded successfully to a jury and won in which a woman was killed when a semi-tractor trailer rear-ended the pickup truck in which she was a passenger. We had a lot of factors that went into that case as to the value of that case. In that case, because it was a wrongful death, it had to deal with connection with her family. We had a very successful verdict in that case. Of course, the defense brought up that the family had not actually seen her for years, but even so, we were able to have the very good verdict in that case because they did stay in touch often on the telephone and sometimes in family visits. She saw them often enough where people were able to relate to her loss, and there was a substantial verdict in the end.

Also, the egregiousness of the conduct of the driver factored in. The driver drove off and left her to die, and affected the case, too. All of those factors need to be taken into account. Your case is different from everybody else’s. We have to take a look at it, so call my office if you have more questions, Cheyenne, Wyoming.

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