Trucking Company Liability

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Can I sue the trucking company after a truck accident?


We’ve had it come up where a drunk driver for a company runs into someone’s car, causes serious injury, and even drives off. Yes, you can sue the company for that. Trucking Company Liability They’re working for that company. The company put them behind the wheel. The company trained them. The company supervised them. The company checked their qualifications and may have known that they had a drinking problem in the first place, and may have known about the driving habits of the driver. Oftentimes, in our trucking cases, we have pulled up dispatching devices where they have communication with the driver, and you can hear proof of erratic driving habits of the driver. Even in one case, I had a driver that had a heart attack, and the erratic driving of the driver while he was having the heart attack was picked up by the company.

There’s a lot of information out there about the driver, and yes, the company is responsible. Keep that mind. In fact, we usually go after the company in particular in these kinds of cases. If there are other questions, feel free to call us at my office here in Cheyenne.

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