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Is workers’ compensation my only source of recovery after a construction accident?


When you’re injured on a construction site here in Wyoming, people often wonder if the only recourse they have is to sue their employer. You can’t because of workers’ compensation. Workers' Compensation There’s lots of other things you can do, however. In construction cases, you can bring a lawsuit against other individuals that may have been responsible for the injury. For instance, I just looked at an explosion case, speaking of construction cases. A natural gas pipeline blew up, and injured a young man, seriously burning him. In that kind of case, he was working for one employer, but the party that actually caused the injury was another party, somebody that he was not working for as an employee. We were able to sue the party that was actually responsible under those circumstances for the injuries that occurred with this young man.

We’re able to help people with this kind of case, and it’s not over and done just because you have workers’ compensation. Please use your workers’ compensation, and we will work with workers’ compensation. We can quite successfully negotiate a workers’ compensation lien in the future. We are able, and workers’ comp is happy to help us with those kinds of cases. In Wyoming, we’re fortunate to have the vision that we have, the working relationship we have with them to find good relief for people that are injured on their job. Just because you have workers’ compensation doesn’t mean it’s over. Please feel free to call us with any questions you may have here at our office in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

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