Wrongful Death From Injuries

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What happens with a wrongful death claim if the injured lives for a bit, then dies?


Sometimes, people survive for a while after they’re seriously injured and then die. The question is, did they die as a result of the injuries that they received from the wrongful act? If they did, then that’s a wrongful death case. In Wyoming, you’re not allowed to claim the suffering of the individual before he or she dies if it’s a result of the injuries. You’re not allowed to claim that suffering. That’s an unfortunate fact in Wyoming. In many states, you can claim that suffering. Wrongful Death From Injuries

There is such a thing in Wyoming as a survivorship action in which you can claim that suffering of the individual if they die from another cause than the cause of the injury itself. You can claim that suffering. Every case is different. You have to determine that based on the facts in the case. We have handled cases where we’ve claimed both wrongful death and a survivorship action to be determined by the court as we proceed through the action. That happens in cases when you’re not certain whether or not the injury, the wrongful act, actually resulted in death. That can happen.

Every case is different. You have to take into consideration every case as you proceed through the case, so this can be complicated. You need to have somebody look at it carefully to determine the situation in your particular case. We’re happy to help you sort that out.

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