Giving a Recorded Statement in Wyoming

Giving a recorded statement in Wyoming to an insurance company about your personal injury claim could hurt your ability to recover compensation.


Should I give a recorded statement to the insurance company?


Giving a Recorded Statement Sometimes I have people call me up, and they’ll say I just got this call from the insurance company. They wanted a recorded statement. Should I give them a recorded statement? The answer to that is no. Never give them a recorded statement. It doesn’t matter what you say. They are going to use that against you at some later time. They’re going to say that you said such and such, or you said this or that. They’re going to use it against you, and they’re going to take it out of context every time. There is never a time that I’ve not seen an insurance company do that.

I had 15 years before I started doing personal injury on this side working for insurance companies such as State Farm of Wyoming. I will tell you that I’ve never seen a statement actually do any good for the client ever, so there’s no point in ever giving that statement. The statement you should give is to your lawyer, such as me, who will represent you and use that information properly in your case for your benefit. Otherwise, the insurance company can ask those questions, and they’re going to ask those questions. They’re not going to help you at all, and they’ll take it all out of context every time. Never give a statement to an insurance company. That’s my advice. Call my office if you have other questions.

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