Negligent Security Claim Value in Wyoming

If you have been assaulted on someone else’s property, you may be eligible for compensation. Watch this video to learn about negligent security claim value in Wyoming.


How do I determine the value of my negligent security claim?


Negligent Security Claim Value With the negligent security claim in Wyoming, the averages are high-figure settlements. You have to figure out what the average is and the level of liability. For instance in a rape case in a parking garage, if the owner of the premises knows that there have been repeated rapes and incidents involving women that have been injured, or attacked, mugged in the store or on the premises, the parking garage, at any time, they need to take steps by having security guards and, if necessary, having the police come on the premises on a regular basis and inspect the premises. They should also have cameras located all over so that they can see what’s going on and have cameras monitored by someone who can call the police, if necessary. They should also warn people that are using the parking garage of the fact that they’ve had a number of rapes.

We’ve had cases around the country where women using parking garages were not warned of the fact that there has been a rape on the premises and that they should be on guard. Then, if that woman is raped, she has a pretty good case based on the fact that she was not warned about the danger so that she could protect herself. She was not warned they didn’t have adequate security cameras and they didn’t have guards on the premises. All of those things are important to take into account in negligent security cases. We have to look at every case and see what the case consists of. It may be a premises liability case if somebody is injured because of negligence.

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