Personal Injury Medical Bills in Wyoming

If you have been seriously injured in an accident, you may be concerned about paying your personal injury medical bills in Wyoming. Our Wyoming injury lawyer can help.


Who is going to pay my medical bills after a personal injury in Wyoming?


I have clients come to me all the time that have concerns about medical bills piling up and the insurance company on the other side not paying. There is a law in Wyoming that they can prepay. It will be to their benefit eventually, but insurance companies have learned not to do that. They don’t do that, and they’re not going to offer you any money on the other side in the midst of this case. You have a problem with these medical bills, and it’s a real problem. You’re going to be getting calls from whoever the healthcare provider is. You’re going to get turned over to collections, etc. We can help you deal with those things. We can’t do it perfectly, but we can help you deal with these issues with medical leaves on the chance that you’re going to win this case. We’re going to work on winning the case. The medical providers will usually accept our leaves if we agree to pay the bills with any settlement in the future. If you take that into account, then you have us handle that with the medical providers, and we will. That’s part of our job. Feel free to call us in Cheyenne, Wyoming at my office.

Were you seriously injured due to someone else’s negligence and have concerns about paying for your personal injury medical bills in Wyoming?
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