Wyoming Negligent Security Guide

Wyoming Negligent Security GuideThe Wyoming Negligent Security Guide was created by Frederick J. Harrison, P.C. to help residents who have been injured in an accident obtain maximum compensation for their claim.

Wyoming Negligent Security Lawyer

Getting hurt is terrible. Getting hurt because someone else was negligent is worse. You’re left suffering because someone did not do their job the way they were supposed to. It’s not fair and you deserve to have justice. You don’t deserve to be in pain. We care about you getting justice for your serious injuries. You can contact Wyoming negligent security lawyer Fred Harrison to guide you through a negligent security claim. Call us today for a free consultation.

Do’s and Don’ts for a Successful Claim

You’re in pain after your incident on someone else’s property. You need to see a doctor immediately. Get treatment for your injuries as soon as you possibly can. You should not wait to see a doctor for any reason because the insurance company will be looking to see when and why you get medical treatment. Waiting for a doctor will not help your health or your claim if you’re looking to start feeling better and win a negligent security case.

The fact is that the insurance company wants to prevent you from getting what you deserve in terms of compensation. Do not by any means give them a recorded statement. They will use their tricks to get you to say something that could ruin your case. An answer that you thought was innocuous could end up being the one thing that ruins your case. They are trained to ask you questions that get you to say something that would allow them to claim your injuries aren’t so bad or that they aren’t liable for what happened to you.

The best way to protect your rights is to hire a Wyoming negligent security lawyer to defend you.

How a Wyoming Negligent Security Lawyer Can Help You

This is probably new territory for you. You have never had to represent yourself in a negligent security claim before. You could easily make mistakes because you don’t know what to expect. Plus, you’d be trying to do this on top of your own priorities, such as going to work. We wouldn’t think any of our clients has the time, energy, or resources to learn how to become an efficient representative of their own negligent security claim. It’s not your job to have to do that. Your job right now is recovery.

A lawyer’s entire job is to represent cases like yours. It would be a bad idea to try to go this alone when you could choose to have a lawyer who does this every day. It would make as much sense to try to fill your own cavity when you know you can go to a professional dentist who will do it right for you. Save yourself a lot of trouble and get in contact with a Wyoming negligent security lawyer to help you win your claim.

Who Should I File a Claim Against?

The thing about a negligent security claim is that the defendant is going to be the owner of the property that you were hurt on. That may not be the person who physically harmed you, but they are responsible for your harm, nonetheless.

Negligent security claims deal with people who are injured in robberies, assault, muggings, etc. You may think you should bring a case against the mugger or robber. You can, but you are more likely to be successful by bringing a negligent security claim against the property owner for not protecting you from this harm.

Negligent security claims need to involved some proof if you are to move forward toward compensation.

First, you need to be able to identify the property owner at the time you were involved in a violent crime on the property.

Then, you have to be able to prove that this property owner knew there was potential for harm but did nothing to prevent it. For example, a property owner who knows that there have been several violent muggings in parking lots in the area but did not add extra security measures to their own parking lot might be liable if you were seriously injured in a mugging in their parking lot.

Last, you need to be able to prove that the actions of the property owner directly resulted in your injuries. Had that property owner lit up the parking lot, had a security guard patrol the area and/or installed security cameras, you may not have been violently mugged.

Assaulted by an EmployeeAssaulted by an Employee

If the attacker in a negligent security case is an employee of a business, that makes the business directly responsible for the employee. What notice did they have of the possibility that the employee might do this kind of thing? In the past, did he have a criminal record? That kind of information is very important and it would show a direct liability to the business. It can also make a negligent security case even stronger, if the employee is actually an employee of the business on the premises. If you have other questions, please let us know.

Biggest Mistakes to Avoid After a Negligent Security Injury

Like every case, including negligent supervision cases, people can make mistakes early on. One of the mistakes I see is that they talk to an insurance adjuster about the plan, whatever that may be. Of course, the adjuster works for the owner of the premises, and they’re not going to give you the straight scoop, nor are they going to ask fair questions. You have to take that into account, and you shouldn’t talk to the adjuster. Let’s take that into account, who you talk to. Of course, if there’s a rape involved, reporting it immediately to the authorities would be a really good idea to prevent it from happening to somebody else. Certainly, you should report an incident to the proper authorities if you’re injured, or hurt by someone mugging you or pulling a knife or weapon of any kind on you. Those kinds of things in a negligent security case are very important to report to law enforcement as soon as possible after the event. Don’t keep it a secret, because it’s important for people to know about this to protect themselves and protect other people under the same circumstances. Let’s keep that in mind. If you have more questions, feel free to call us.

Choosing a Negligent Security Attorney

In Wyoming, we don’t have very many negligent security cases. That might be because many attorneys are not familiar with it as a cause of action. That also may be because we don’t have a lot of places where these kinds of cases take place, like parking garages. I would say the best way to find a good attorney in a negligent security case is to look at an attorney that’s actually handled these cases on a regular basis. You also want an attorney that handles lots of premises liability cases because they’re connected. A negligent security case involves a situation in which the company (or parking lot, or grocery store etc.) has a reason to know that there’s a dangerous situation caused by some third party that’s coming on the property criminally and causing injury on the property. The property owner should know that it’s likely to occur again, but doesn’t provide proper security for the premises. If that’s the kind of case you have, let us know, because these are the types of cases we are very interested in. Give us a call at our office in Cheyenne.

Differences Between Negligent Security and Personal Injury Claims

Wyoming negligent security cases are different from other cases because they involve not so much a design defect on the property, such as ice on steps. Instead, what it involves is the obligation of the owner of the property to know what kind of neighborhood he’s in— whether it’s a neighborhood that has a high crime rate, for example, which we can all access via crime maps now throughout the state of Wyoming. In fact, insurance companies are aware of where these high crime rates are, as well. Police departments are aware of that. The owner of the premises ought to be aware of that because it’s public information. The owner also has obligation to maintain proper surveillance of their property. For example, the owner of a grocery store should maintain surveillance in a parking lot to know what’s going on in that part of the lot and what might be dangerous in that area so that they can evaluate it on a regular basis. Let’s say they have two cars running into each other. Why did that happen? Is it something about the design of the parking lot that’s causing it to happen on a repeated basis at the same location? They can fix the stop sign, warning sign, or redesign the drive-thru way that people use. If there’s something they can do about it, then that’s a negligence surveillance kind of case. It is the obligation of the owner to be aware of the premises so they can take protective steps to protect the public using that property because they have a business drawing people onto the property. That’s what negligent security cases are.

Negligent Security Claim ValueNegligent Security Claim Value

With the negligent security claim in Wyoming, the averages are high-figure settlements. You have to figure out what the average is and the level of liability. For instance in a rape case in a parking garage, if the owner of the premises knows that there have been repeated rapes and incidents involving women that have been injured, or attacked, mugged in the store or on the premises, the parking garage, at any time, they need to take steps by having security guards and, if necessary, having the police come on the premises on a regular basis and inspect the premises. They should also have cameras located all over so that they can see what’s going on and have cameras monitored by someone who can call the police, if necessary. They should also warn people that are using the parking garage of the fact that they’ve had a number of rapes.

We’ve had cases around the country where women using parking garages were not warned of the fact that there has been a rape on the premises and that they should be on guard. Then, if that woman is raped, she has a pretty good case based on the fact that she was not warned about the danger so that she could protect herself. She was not warned they didn’t have adequate security cameras and they didn’t have guards on the premises. All of those things are important to take into account in negligent security cases. We have to look at every case and see what the case consists of. It may be a premises liability case if somebody is injured because of negligence.

Negligent Security Settlement Process and Timeline

The length a security claim in Wyoming takes depends on the court where you file. If you’re filing against another state corporation, you file in federal court, and that’ll be done in nine to twelve months. If you’re in state court, it will be more like two to three years. It depends on the court that you’re in and the jurisdiction that you’re under. It depends on who you’re suing, too, because that may determine the worth. It can also depend on whether somebody comes in from out of state and lives out of state then is somehow injured in Wyoming; under those circumstances, you may have also a federal case filed in federal court and received there, which will also speed up the process. The speed is very important in these kinds of cases because of the expenses involved. You want to get it off to the right start and you want to get the case resolved as quickly as possible, because you want to get on with your life and prevent this kind of thing from happening again. Thanks. If you have any other questions, let us know.

Property Owner Liability

Well, a property owner has an obligation to provide security on the premises, if they know of a danger. The way they do that is by installing cameras and having security guards in the area. The reason for that is so they can observe the premises, see dangerous situations, and provide proper security protection to the public that are using the premises. Now, if they see a dangerous person that’s coming onto the property, say a rapist in a parking garage, and they know that that person has escaped and they haven’t provided a security guard under those circumstances, then they could be responsible for what happens. You need to take that into account. The same thing applies in a grocery store, if they see that there are juveniles coming onto the property in a drunken condition on a regular basis. They should take steps to protect the public under those circumstances by calling the police, having security guards themselves, and by taking proper steps and precautions to prevent those juveniles from doing anything on their property. If you have other questions about those kinds of cases, let us know.

Proving a Negligent Security ClaimProving a Negligent Security Claim

Of course, in negligent security cases, the question in Wyoming is always, How do you prove a negligent security case? Well, the way you prove a negligent security case is you have to prove what the owner knew in advance, and that what the owner knows in advance is part of a systematic failure. In other words, did they know or have reason to know that there was a dangerous situation on their property with third parties coming onto the property from outside the property and causing danger, whether it’s a rapist, mugger or robber? Has it happened before? Is it a situation in which the neighborhood is rated by realtors and police department as having a certain amount of crime? What are those crimes? Is the supermarket supposed to know that those kinds of dangers are on the premises? Do they take steps, putting up surveillance cameras that are monitored on a real-time basis so that they can tell when somebody’s in trouble on the property and they can get them help right away? Do they have proper security guards on the premises, if necessary, because of the neighborhood? Do they have people that are watching and walking through the premises, including the parking lot, to make sure people are safe? Have they had notice of a situation where people weren’t safe, and what did they do to remedy that situation so that it didn’t happen again? Those are the kinds of evidence that are needed in these kinds of cases and, of course, that’s the kind of evidence that you put together from the business itself— public records of the police department and the sheriff’s department, whatever it may be, to provide us with the background information to put together a negligent security case. Keep us in mind for that kind of case if it comes up. Our office is in Cheyenne, Wyoming, but we do cases throughout Wyoming.

Steps to Take After a Negligent Security Injury

Well, if somebody has a negligent security injury, the first thing is to recognize that it is because of negligent security. In other words, if the property owner has not protected the public by having the right safeguards in place such as security cameras and having somebody monitor the security cameras or, if an event has occurred where somebody was robbed at one end of the parking lot, but they did not call the police and ask to get extra protection, that is negligent security.

If a business hasn’t taken those appropriate steps, then you have a case. Negligent security is one of those cases on which you have to have an attorney guiding you to really know if you have a case or not. That’s why we’re here. If you have a case that you think might be a negligent security case, give us a call at our office in Cheyenne.

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